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Castle Heights

Electro-Acoustic Chamber Group

Album in progress...


Female Voice, Electric Guitar, Violin, Electronics, and Tape

A multimedia experience designed for Efflorescence

Gem Bath

Arpeggione, Prepared Guitar and Electronics
Written as part of a collaborative venture with choreographer Alison Hart

Parson Paisley

Female and Male Voice, Keys, Guitar, Electronics, and Tape
A combination of prerecorded sounds, composed songs, improvisation, and live sound manipulation bring the tale of Parson Paisley to life

Dreaming in Detroit
Female and Male Voice, Alto Sax, Guitar, Violin, Bass, Electronics, and Tape
An intermedia faux-opera set in modernity

City of Locris
Chamber Orchestra
Four miniatures written for Mark Alpizar, conductor of the CSULB Collegium Chamber Ensemble

Spotlight Silver
Commissioned by Alison Hart for her MFA Choreography thesis piece

The Oddity of Mortality

Soprano/Glockenspiel and Guitar/Voice
A set of three songs exploring the quirks of tangible and spiritual life

Arpeggione, Prepared Guitar, Electronics, and Tape
Written as part of a collaborative venture with choreographer Loretta Livingston

Commissioned to accompany the collaborative efforts of six choreographers

Road to Nowhere
Four instruments and Visual metronome
Innovative notation techniques used to create a mix of tension and coexistence between the performers themselves as well as the audience

Taming Harry
Violin and Piano
The chase, capture, and manipulation of Harry,  written for the CA Ear Unit

100 Days
Violin and Arpeggione
Micro and macro perspectives on time

Sonata for Two Toys
Two Toy Pianos (37-key)
The lives of two wind-up toys, with all of the ups and downs, heard from creation to cessation

100 Days
Arpeggione and Cello
A piece depicting the adventures between a child and his imaginary comrade

The Nature of Man
Piano Trio and Vocal Quartet or Choir
Three movements portraying the conflict between Man’s instinct and intentions

The Farce of Francois
Mixed Ensemble
Four Movements digging through the tumultuous mind of the self-proclaimed “Freaky Frank”

5 Hobo Dreams
Arpeggione and Guitar
Glimpses into the interrupted slumbers of five characters from the street

Sylvia Sonata
Guitar Duo
Three musical interpretations of poems by
Sylvia Plath